AboutHi! I'm Soumitra.I'm a dual degree M. Sc. Economics + B.E. Computer Science student at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus.I like building stuff that's useful to others, and overengineered projects so I can learn "interesting" and questionable tech stacks. I'm also into Computer Engineering, Computer Architecture, and I like to pretend I like and understand economics. Currently coping that I will understand funky systems shit someday.When I'm not trying to wrap my head around what just happened in class, I'm probably cooking up some deranged project, losing my entire day to Factorio, redefining "skill issue" in some video game, making wildly inaccurate predictions with Excel, convincing my 9th friend that Economics is very different from Finance, or trying to drown out the unceasing voices with music.
My current coursework is here I'm coping I'll read these.